Nyquil Addiction Treatment

Over the past few years, abuse of prescription drugs has become rampant. The most affected population is teenagers and young people. They can easily access Nyquil at home or purchase it from a local drug store, pharmacy or online. According to a recent survey, the level of Nyquil abuse among teenagers is very high compared to the abuse of illicit drugs.

High consumption of Nyquil can produce some very severe side effects, resulting in hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, fever, muscle pains and vomiting.

Most individuals start to abuse the drug to experience the ‘high’ associated with taking Nyquil. Regular use can result in mental instability and damage of the nervous system. If Nyquil is taken regularly in uncontrolled doses, the chances of addiction become high. Even though side effects of Nyquil addiction and the withdrawal symptoms it produces can be severe, it is possible to counter the problem.

Nyquil Addiction Treatment

Nyquil addiction treatment for teens, in particular, starts by the parents becoming responsible. The medication should be kept away from children and teenagers. Parents should also caution their children against the dangers of Nyquil abuse.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the impact of Nyquil abuse, it is imperative to contact a doctor and contact a Nyquil addiction treatment center immediately.

It is worth noting that some doctors prefer not to deal with addicts. For this reason, it can be helpful to approach a rehab treatment center that only caters to clients suffering from addiction. A variety of treatment facilities are able to provide Nyquil addiction treatment. These include inpatient/residential and outpatient drug treatment centers.

Patients are not allowed to take Nyquil during the course of Nyquil addiction treatment. Nyquil addiction withdrawal symptoms may be severe, and to prevent suffering, other prescription drugs may be provided to suppress the withdrawal side effects.

An inpatient drug treatment program will last for several weeks, and patients are monitored and treatment adjusted where necessary. The patient often undergoes a detoxification process to cleanse the body of any toxin causing addiction. An outpatient Nyquil addiction treatment program can as well be carried out at the addict’s residence. However, home detox is not an effective form of Nyquil addiction treatment, since the patient may experience withdrawal symptoms.

Counseling therapy can also be a very helpful part of Nyquil addiction treatment. A qualified counselor or psychiatrist helps the patient to overcome the addiction and recognize factors that trigger substance abuse. The counseling can be individual or conducted in a group, and is most often carried out through cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy deals with physical and psychological dependency on the drug as well as a range of other behavioral issues.

The patient is able to develop an understanding of the root causes of their addiction and come up with procedures for dealing with situations that expose them to addictive substances. The approaches used during counseling sessions may include psychoanalysis and life skills training. Patients may also consider enrolling with organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous for optimal results.

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